The crocuses opened today–the first flowers in our garden. There were twelve purple flowers. I checked the daffodils on the side of the house. A few of them had buds already. It is a beautiful day today–almost sixty and a clear blue sky. This is an exciting time. All kinds of things are coming up. Let us see what the next discoveries will be.

Where do the slate-colored juncos go in the warm weather? It is still relatively cold and they still are in the yard feeding on the birdseed on the ground. There are less of them. I know they will disappear when it gets warmer and no more snow. I thought I read they migrate further north. I am really curious. I have to look it up in one of my bird books. It is usually the other way around. Some birds migrate when it become colder. Not those birds. They usually arrive when the first snow comes. It is a mystery to me.

I have to thank God even for the wet and cold days. My sister lives in California and they are experiencing a severe prolonged drought. Not us. Thank God for small favors and thank you for the rain.

It was a typical cold and wet March day. It certainly is not as cold as parts of winter were. Nevertheless, all I wanted to do was stay in. We are planning a movie date and a nice dinner. That was something to actually agree on a movie. That usually is very difficult for us to do. I found a comedy we had never seen. Warmer weather is on the horizon. I just have to keep that in mind. And enjoy the Sunday inside.

The wild turkey exploded from our right across our car right in front of us flying five feet off the ground flapping his wings wildly and just as quickly disappeared into the undergrowth.  This was unusual: when I flush a turkey it scurries quickly by foot out of my sight. Not this time. We live on the edge of country. You just never know when you will flush one or more when you are driving your car.

I have a history with you.  It makes a difference.  I have to work on it.  Communicate with you periodically.  It is those histories that form your roots.  Form enough and your roots go deep.  It is those invisible ties that make you feel attached to an area.  And roots take time (and energy and effort).  Ultimately that is the only thing that matters:  the people you have reached out and loved.  That is your true legacy.  The memories you have created in loving others.

Suddenly I Could Breathe

Author: siggy

Suddenly I could breathe.  The cold was really done.  For now.  Warmer weather was on the horizon.  Spring has started.  And March was typically wet.  In fact, today was the first day of the trout season in this area.  In May I will camp with my childhood buddy for the first time in three years.  The last two I visited him in New Orleans.  I have much to look forward to.  Warmer weather, particularly.  And trout fishing.  And getting together with my lifelong friend.

It Is A Mystery To Me

Author: siggy

It is a mystery to me when birds come to my feeders.  Sometimes the dogs chase them away.  Other times I don’t know why they don’t come.  There is birdseed there.  I just don’t know.  It is always puzzling to me that I can put out a new suet cake and the birds find it almost right away.  And that is after I have been out for awhile.  The birds provide such pleasure.  In the spring I noted we have quite a few goldfinch.  Sometimes there are so many I see them at two different feeders–the sunflower and thistle feeder.  It always amazes me that one will sit on the thistle feeder for five minutes at a time feeding.  The males are reverting to yellow, again.  We have been having three different kinds of woodpeckers come to eat the suet:  downy, red bellied and now hairy.  The hairy woodpecker has become a regular visitor.  In the past, we hardly ever saw one.  At least one knows about the suet.  The hairy woodpecker is twice the size of the downy.  Though somewhat similar in markings.

My purple crocuses did not bloom yet.  There are buds.  But not yet.  Everything is later this year due to the unnatural cold.  My friend in another part of the county had a bed of crocuses in full bloom over a week ago.  Maybe, there is more open sunlight on his land.  I keep inspecting my crocuses.  The daffodils are still a few weeks away from blooming.

Today I found out the color of the next budding Gerbera plant in our house.  It was red.  The other had three full orange flowers.  It was an experiment that succeeded.  They are annuals and survived the winter inside.  I usually buy one or two a year.  Sometimes we plant them outside or place them in the sun and other buds come up.  It is just a flower I like and am thrilled to have them grow and have flowers in our house.

Winter’s Last Gasp

Author: siggy

It was winter’s last gasp.  There was a thin layer of white on the ground.  It might be the last time we get snow this season.  I checked the ten day forecast:  today would be the coldest and tomorrow it would hit an high of forty-eight and after that it was fifties and even sixties.  The cold weather will just become a distant memory.

Tilla joined me in my bed last night.  My wife and I had just completed a game of Scrabble and I lost again.  I was feeling completely demoralized.  It was only a game.  Nevertheless, I was pretty depressed and I went straight to bed.  Tilla followed me and jumped on the bed.  This time he gave me room on the bed to lie on the right side.  This was unusual behavior for him.  He stayed there till I fell asleep.  I believe he wanted to comfort me.  I wrapped my arm around his body as I fell asleep.  I was glad he was there.