Why education is so messed up.  I never forgot one dean of a top private university.  He was somewhat unusual:  he was for students who were diagnosed as having an handicap.  I was diagnosed as such for I did not learn as many other students did.  90 per cent of classes are taught by lecture.  I did not learn that way:  thus I was considered handicapped.  I thought that was absurd.  It was education fit all one size.  No wonder public education sucks.  Everyone is taught and expected to fit the mold.  I never studied styles of learning.  Nevertheless, I know there are many people like me and I know without a doubt 90 per cent of the students do not learn by lecture but are forced to.  I did not realize for decades why I could not succeed in school (higher education that is).  It was not my fault.  I was a kinetic learner.  I learned by doing and my own observations.  I did not learn by someone telling me what I should know.  By the time I realized this it was too late.  I thought I was stupid.  The damage was done.

It has been snowing for awhile and everything is white.  The snow is a wet, heavy one.  I have never seen our lilac bush so bent.  I am not going anywhere so I might as well enjoy the scenery viewed from my back and front window.  The branches of trees are all bent by the weight of the snow.  It is only an half a dozen times a year I might see the white landscape.  I made sure my bird feeder was full this morning with sunflower seed.  I know the birds have to forage a little harder in the snow but they have to eat, too.

It is October 30th and we are already in the middle of our first snowstorm.  I have heard references from others that this is going to be another cold winter.  It is still six weeks from the official advent of winter.  Is this storm the harbinger of things to come.  I hope not.  Winter (and the ensuing cold weather and storms) has become a period I just endure.  Maybe it is high time to consider moving to a warmer climate.

Why you should never give up on anyone:  you never know when they will turn the corner.  Of course, when this person has failed over and over, you are tempted to but you have to resist this feeling.  Some drug addicts have gone through one rehab after another and still have gone back to using.  Some alcoholics repeatedly have gone off the wagon.  These are just two type of problems.  Nevertheless, you have to keep trying to help others.  You never know when they will turn the corner and it is true some never do but one never knows when they recover from their weaknesses and begin to lead more fruitful lives.  Never give up on anyone.  Never give up hope.

It was a perfect fall day.  There was a dull roar in the background.  The wind was blowing hard.  Dried leaves were scattering everywhere.  It was, also, warm–in the high fifties.  I have never flown a kite but today I wanted to.  It was a great day for a ride to observe the rapidly changing landscape.  It was, simply, a great day to be alive and to enjoy Autumn.  Before we know it most of the leaves will have fallen and the cold will set in and then Winter will be next.  I really do not want to rush it and enjoy today.

I am glad the tufted titmice are back–as common as they are.  There was seed that was not picked over and the birds returned.  I even saw black-capped chickadees again.  And today saw a house wren.  Even birds are particular what they eat.  I was really glad to see a steady stream of titmouse again.  For that matter I never remembered seeing them before I put out sunflower seed.  I appreciated them a little more.

Five light purple dahlias bloomed–the most at one time.  My other noticed the two plants months ago.  She had forgotten she even planted the bulbs.  They were beautiful flowers that found their way through a bed of black-eyed susans.  There is nothing like noting the latest surprises in your garden.  Now I am waiting to see whether the primrose will bloom again.  They really like cold weather.  We will see.

I don’t know whether we will have another two straight days in the eighties.  It is already October ninth.  This could be the final burst of Indian summer so I just will enjoy the sunlight and temperatures.  There might be no more days like this.  It seemed as if the whole month of September was rainy and cloudy.  In fact, it broke all records for rainfall for one month.  My wife is basking in the sunlight and I will soon join her.  We are still celebrating her birthday.  She gets three birthday days this year.  In fact the weather is a gift.  It is, at least, the third straight sunny day.  Thank God for small favors.

I did not need it but I took it anyway.  She offered me two slices of pizza to take home.  I already had dinner planned but I took the pizza and said “thank you”.  I realized that was her way of thanking me for all the things I brought for her apartment.  I let her do it.  It was just the gracious and appropriate thing to do.  Accept her gift.  Whether or not I needed it.  It made no difference.  You need to let people thank you for gifts you bestowed them.  It is the right thing to do.

There is nothing like being in the sunshine.  After a week of gloomy, rainy weather today the sky was blue and it even hit seventy.  My wife was depressed and tried to dispel her gloom.  She took a chair, placed it in the sunlight and basked in it.  It is too easy to be depressed when the weather is cold and the sun is far away.  It was a perfect Autumn day and she decided to enjoy it and went out into our yard.  Maybe later I will have a Scrabble game there.  The days are running out I can do that.  There is nothing like a clear, warm day to cheer you up.