The two hummingbirds must not like each other.  Once or twice a day I see these two hummingbirds.  One is usually heading for the nectar and then another appears and chases the other away.  I could never figure out whether either make it to the feeder.  One is always in hot pursuit of the other.  Maybe one feeds when the other is asleep.  I just don’t know.  I just get a kick out of watching them chase each other.  Every time.

They could have been swallows.  I saw dozens alight on that wire and swirl above.  I never saw swallows migrate before.  It was early morning and they were over a mile away from water.  If I had to guess, they were cliff swallows.  I spotted them going through the “back way” into town.  I was surprised to see them.  Now is the time I usually see flocks of small blackbirds come through.  I still saw a hummingbird feed on my nectar today.  At least one has not decided to migrate.  Temperatures have fallen–the seventies.  Summer does not end for another three weeks.  There is no doubt Autumn has come already.

Summer feels like it is done.  September is in a few days.  It is wet and cold–the fringe of the hurricane Irene.  Central Pennsylvania did not get hit hard.  I realized I was cold in my shorts and tee shirt.  It was time to put long pants on as well as long sleeved shirts.  I won’t put away my shorts (away???) yet but it won’t be long until they are stored away for another year.  We still have some hummingbirds coming to our feeder but not as many.  Autumn is around the bend.

There are too many things in this house.  And it has me depressed.  There are too many piles in different corners.  It is just too hard going through this stuff.  I see a stack of canceled checks on the desk.  Your father has been dead twenty years.  Why are they not in the trash?  We can’t even throw away broken down electronics.  That video/dvd player does work any more.  Why is it sitting on those records?  I even tried it again.  I already told my other it no longer works.  None of the lights on it worked.  I just want to pitch it.  It is preventing me from going through the pile of LP’s it is laying on.  Why are we keeping those two stacks of “Architectural Digest”.  When is the last time you looked at an issue.  I have to run everything by you.  You have to make a decision on everything.  All of this has me depressed.  Why don’t you let me have control of the decisions on most things.  And when I complain of too many things still in the house, you tell me of all the things you have given away and pitched.  There may be a lot of truth to that.  There is still too many things in this house.  And I don’t want to work so hard in eliminating them.  There are still too many piles, boxes and books and LP’s everywhere.

I Can’t Save Him

Author: siggy

I can’t save him.  I know someone who is struggling with alcoholism.  He is at a turning point.  He has to make the decision whether he wants to live or die.  I can encourage him but that is it.  It is his fight.  Ultimately, he has to take the steps necessary to break the addiction alcohol has on him.  It will be baby steps at first but every major change in a person’s life started that way.  Maybe, I can steer him in the right direction but that is about it.  I can’t save him.  He is the only person who can do that.  He has to want change in his life bad enough.  Going backwards has to be totally unacceptable.  Sometimes you just have to hit bottom before you can go up.  He is there but does he want it enough.  We will see.

Joy Is Gratitude

Author: siggy

Joy is gratitude.  It is looking at your life and every aspect of it and thanking the Lord for every simple thing He has given you.  Sometimes it is others you need to give a simple “thank you”.  God works through other people all the time.  Don’t take any gift you have for granted.  As well as all the simple pleasures that come your way.  Joy is gratitude and thanking the Lord for the simplest gifts He has given you.  He has given your life.  And every morning you wake up you need to thank Him for every breath you take.  Get in the habit of thanking others and the Almighty for every single gift.  Life is composed of myriad details.  And prayerfully thank someone for every detail of your life–every pleasure-every thing.  He does not owe you anything.  And He usually gives us abundance.  Don’t be an ungrateful taker.  Thank Him for every detail of your life.  Joy will always follow gratitude.

The apple season has started.  Ginger Gold, summer Rambo and Paula Reds are here.  I pay closer attention to the new arrivals.  The Ginger Gold and Paula Reds I enjoy now.  They don’t retain their crispness too long.  There is nothing worse than a mushy apple.  I now pay more frequent visits to my local produce stand.  Pears will also come in season.  I like buying them there for they let them on the tree longer.  They are tree ripened and sweeter than you can buy in the big supermarkets.  One of my favorite pears are Seckel pears.  They are small but very tasty pears and only around for a short time.  Fresh cider is also around the corner.  All harbingers of the next season–Fall.

The tuna salad with a cut up Ginger Gold apple was a real treat.  It was the second portion I ate that way.  The apple must have been picked this week.  The crisp pieces, slightly tart, set off the salad well.  Ginger Gold apples do not retain their crispness too long and I do not make this salad too often so I will enjoy this meal now and if I remember I will try the same combination next year.  It was a meal fit for a king.

Soon the hummingbirds will stop coming to my feeder.  And will take the long journey south.  I never know when I see the last one of the season but I will keep nectar out for a few more weeks for any stragglers.  The “passing” of the hummingbirds is another sign the warm weather is out and the cold temperatures are on their way.  I can become too used to their sight and they have to go away for me again to marvel at this creation of God.  It will be April, again, before they come back.  And I will await their arrival.

I found an acorn on the ground:  Fall must be around the corner.  Temperatures now are lower.  It is still warm.  Kids are about to return to school.  I have my eyes open for the next season–Autumn.  I will still enjoy the higher temperatures but now I know they are on their way out.  Official summer is not done for a few weeks.  It is just winding down.  I will await the next season expectantly.  There is always the illusion each season will linger for ever but it is only that–an illusion.  And before you know it, the next one has arrived.

The hummingbirds that come to my feeder never fail to amaze me.  There is a steady stream of them.  The other day I actually saw two feeding at the same time.  There is such diversity in nature.  Take birds for example.  There are all sizes and all are colored differently.  Woodpeckers and nuthatches hug the trunk of our large pine tree and seldom can be seen on the ground.  The cardinals feed very warily on the ground and come in pairs.  And occasionally there is a surprise like an indigo bunting or some other bird I usually don’t see.  I keep a bird journal and note unusual visitors.  All I do is make sure the feeders are always filled and from my large living room window watch the parade of birds come and go all day.

It felt cool this morning and that was a gift.  The ground and plants were still wet.  It had rained last night.  There had been too many hot days and before I know it they will be gone.  Summer is winding down:  soon Labor day will be here and the kids will be back to school.  Today I will enjoy the weather exactly how it is and when it changes again I will not dismay.  Every day is perfect and the greatest gift is today.  Somehow this year I missed picking the wild blackberries but there is a frozen pie to remind us of all the raspberries I picked.  Every season has its own gift.