In a mere four days spring arrives.  I usually start a countdown to spring earlier but this weather was unusually warmer.  The primrose and crocuses have bloomed.  The daffodils are next.  Pretty soon we will start planting pansies and other flowers.

It was an unusual slate colored junco–more commonly called “snow” birds. Usually you only see the white on their tail wings as they flick them but this particular bird had one side of its tail showing white all the time.  I noticed this particular bird for weeks.  It was about a week until spring and they migrate north so don’t know how much longer that bird will be around.  It seemed only a few weeks ago we had a large snow storm and slate colored juncos were all over the yard feeding on the birdseed I put out on the top of the snow.

Spring is coming, Spring is coming !!! I am waiting for today and tomorrow to end. Then we get five days of Spring-like weather. My crocuses have eleven buds, and the daffodils are getting higher and higher. I know the cold weather this year was short, but I still remember those ice cold days we had. Spring is less than two weeks away, and I can’t wait for it to come.

A Harbinger Of Spring

Author: siggy

Some daffodils were poking their heads under the tree. This was a harbinger of spring. I checked the bed of primrose–no flowers yet.

I never forgot one visit by the couple who lived in NYC. I wanted to show them the the Susquehanna River at night. To get to our vantage point we had to pass under a railroad trestle and it was a little bit muddy. She refused to go there because she might get her shoes a little bit dirty. All I could do was shake my head. Thus she missed seeing how beautiful the river looked at night.

My “monster” cactus in my den has its first flower. It is completely pink and measures from its tip of the stem to the flower six inches. The flower will last a day or two and then wilt. Such beauty! And now there will be two more flowers. And I will watch their development carefully.

My “monster” cactus which we hung up in my den has three buds. It does not tolerate the cold too well so we had to bring it inside the house. I have been watching the daily growth of these three buds. The cactus has five inch wide pink flowers and tentacles several feet long. Each day the buds are a little bigger. I was amazed we did not break any tentacles gently transporting it. We have had the plant for at least two years.

I had several encounters with creatures near my house. First I ran over a box turtle not hitting it in the road and then stopped and checked on it. Someone must have hit it not too long ago. It was dead. The red blood was still fresh under it. I did not want any car hitting it again so I kicked it to the side of the road. It was about five inches long and must have seen a few years.

Last week I walked into my den and to my surprise there was a bird flying around it frantically trying to get out. That was a mystery to me how it flew by us without us first seeing it (through the open garage door). First I gave up the idea of trapping it. Finally I opened one window and released the screen window and it flew out. I think it was a house wren.

Today’s encounter was in my car. A wild turkey hit the front of my car and made it across the road wings flapping wildly. I passed that spot several minutes later and it was gone. I must have stunned it. It was no longer in that spot.

You never know what creature you will see next. I live on the edge of country.

I love feeling the earth with my fingers. I don’t think you can garden without loving the feel of soil through your fingers. My Mom gardened every year until she moved away. She no longer had a place to hide. I know she missed that garden. I still remember the red roses she had. It was a small garden but she had a variety of flowers and vegetables. I am still trying to plant a fig tree on my property. Fresh figs are almost impossible to get in this area. Even today I can still picture that garden. Both of my sisters garden and one has a house full of houseplants. So many things started in my Mom’s garden for me–an appreciation of flowers and beauty. So many things.

My wife spotted the plant from the bathroom window. I had to go outside to inspect it more closely. She brought it to my attention. The plant lay below the window and had delicate purple bells almost like another flower we had in another part of the yard except the other one was white and these purple flowers shaped in a bell were longer although about the same width. Another surprise that day. Life is full of little surprises and all you have to do is pay attention. How that flower got there I will never know. Serendipity!

In the week I was gone my goldfinch stopped coming to my feeders. That happens every year. The goldfinch come in a steady stream to my feeders in the early spring. Then they stop. I sometimes wonder what they feed on later on but, obviously, it is something other the sunflower seed I put out for them. It is always a mystery to me.

While I Was On Vacation

Author: siggy

In the week I was gone the two tomato plants grew quickly. There were quite a few little green tomatoes while a week ago there was almost none. My wife had splurged and bought quite a few plants while I was on vacation–many still in their original containers and needed to be planted. She bought two beautiful budding fuchsia plants one of which I hung from the white pine tree in view from our large living room window. Every year we put one up there and the plant does well there as long as we keep it watered.

The weather finally became seasonal–sixties and seventies. I thought we went straight from winter into summer for a short time. At least it seemed that way. Today I was thrilled I noticed a flower that had little white snow bells. My wife said it was a perennial. The grass was also cut when I got home. All these things happened in the week I was gone.