Life is full of the tedious but get past it.  Get past the mundane and other worlds you barely imagined will appear.  It is always a waiting game.  A game that entails patience.  Door after door will open but first you need to open them–one by one.  Do not be afraid.  Each new day is a challenge and each day is an eternity waiting to be opened and plucked by you.  The universe is always there just beyond so work through the mundane.  It is always a waiting game.  Watch for your opportunities.  And be patient.  Another universe is always in front of you.  Patience is always the key.  Pounce on the opportunities presented to you.  Reality is like an onion to be peeled away layer by layer.  And there is always another layer even when you believe you have peeled and exposed the last, final one.  Never give up.  And always take care of yourself.  There are no end of worlds to explore but first you have to extend yourself, go beyond the ordinary, go further until there is no more to be seen, felt.  And another door will open.  And another.  The doors are endless but you have to get beyond the ordinary, the usual, the bland.  Only then will you be surprised.