The winter does not want to go away. It was actually “flaking” for a few seconds. The next two nights will be below freezing and she has to take in her two spider plants she placed by our fence. They won’t tolerate the cold. In fact, it might kill both plants. I know what will happen. All of a sudden the weather will become hot. The winter will go straight into summer. And skip spring.

It took another week for a woodpecker to find the new suet cage I filled and placed outside our bathroom window. Our neighbor gave us two wrought iron plant hangers and I stuck one in the ground now visible from the window by looking down. The bathroom is on the second floor. Today she noticed a woodpecker was feeding on the suet. I now have two suet cages which were early Christmas presents. The other one has been up for months. When I realized one suet cake can last for months, I was not hesitant to put up another. It was the squirrels who were eating most of the suet. Now they can’t do that so easily.

There were recent notable discoveries in our house. My wife has had a Christmas cactus over her back kitchen window for years. It had never bloomed but it did in the last week for the first time. She also placed some broken tentacles from a “monster” cactus I am now keeping in my office and today it bloomed. It has a pink flower almost five inches wide and five inches around. We have had the “monster” cactus bloom before but this is the first time it budded in our house.

The squirrel found a way to outwit me. I have a “squirrel proof” bird feeder now damaged after squirrels managed at least twice to dump it on the ground. Finally I hung it attached by wire at the top of a nail. It was partially exposed to the elements and I was concerned when it rained moisture would get into the feeder and the sunflower seed would mold. A squirrel was on it this morning totally extended from the top eagerly feeding through the hole. If he put his whole weight on the rest of the feeder, the carriage would go down and shut the openings and he could no longer get at the birdseed. I realized that was the only way he could outwit me and my squirrel proof feeder was no longer squirrel proof. Outwitted by a squirrel. How disgusting.