Why I Like The Wild

Author: siggy

I was looking out my back door window and just thinking.  A large section of our front yard no longer has grass and for a short time my wife was considering laying down sod.  I really do not care.  I always felt American’s obsession with having a large neatly manicured lawn was and is an exercise in futility.  I want a garden not a lawn.  In fact, a landscaper is going to help us with developing that.2frogs

The back yard is another story:  most of it is wild.  Toads appear at our doorstep every year–all sizes from tiny to humongous.  They are attracted to the bugs that come to the porch light.

turtle2bThere is a small creek in the back–most of the time just a trickle. You never know when a box turtle will appear.  We also saw wonderfully orange colored salamanders at least twice.  Rabbits play in the undergrowth.

I do not want to cultivate this area.  I love not knowing what I will see next, what unusual bird or whatever comes my way.

I love the wild.  It gives me a sense of the mysterious, the unknown, a feeling I love.  That is why I won’t cultivate the back of our property.

Last year after living here for over four years, to my delight and amazement I discovered a large patch of wild raspberries on the far corner of my property.  And I love raspberries.  I even picked enough berries for two pies.

turtleI do not know exactly what lives there but I am always expectant when I peer out my kitchen window wondering what will come along next.  It is out of my control.  That is the way I want it.  This is one plot of land that will grow wild.  I rejoice in it.

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2 Responses to “Why I Like The Wild”

  1. Sara Says:

    Well, Sig, I’m one of those manicured lawners…..our grass is green and lush and lovely here in North Carolina, but I, too, want a garden for food…and a Zen Garden for utter peace. Like you, I love the wild. The other day I saw a black ribbon blowing across a nearby street. Upon closer observation, I saw that it was a snake meandering across the road. Toads hang out at my doorstep. Squirrels delight in my corn twirler. Birds flit around the feeder all day long. Bluebirds eye the bluebird house, sitting atop it with puffed out chests, as if to make a deal on the rent. There is so much to be experienced if we just connect to it!!! Love the blog. Keep it up.

  2. siggy Says:

    Thanks for your encouragement! Siggy