What Is Creativity?!

Author: siggy

What is creativity?! If you are a composer, it is putting together the notes in a fresh way. If you are a musician, it is not simply playing the notes by rote, it is putting your feelings in it. If you are a writer, your composition feels fresh: it has cohesion. These are only a few quick observations what someone else’s creativity feels like.

‘It is contagious’: Tolstoy’s definition. You should have no doubt what the piece was about: anger, sorrow, grief, joy, etc. These feeling are conveyed instantly upon hearing the piece, viewing a picture, reading the piece whatever vehicle the person chose. Of course, these observations are not exhaustive by any means. This is just a quick sampling.

Are You Creative?

Author: siggy

Again, I can’t answer that question.  Only you can.  I can suggest some questions that may provide clues for you how to respond to that question.  Can others predict what you are going to say, do?  In my life others can’t for a simple reason:  I can’t tell you exactly what I am going to say, do when.

Every person is different.  Every person has different talents and not only that and maybe this factor is even more important than your gifts:  what is truly in your heart and soul, how are you really wired?

If you have some idea, you may at least know how you are driven to explore your creativity and how you share it.  Every one is different.  What occupies your time, your efforts, your thoughts, what are your driven to do more than anything else?

Now try answering some of those questions I posed and maybe you might be able to answer my question a little bit better.  Are you creative?  To what extent?  Only you truly know.  Others around you can only give you an inkling to what degree this may be:  Are you creative?  Only you know to what extent this might be true.  There (???) really no paths to follow, only your own.