Why I Love My Animals

Author: siggy

March 31st, 2018

They never pretend to feign emotion. Each dog I have has a soul and personality. I find it comforting when I go into my den in the morning and usually one my three dogs  sits a few feet away from me. All that is very comforting. My animals do not care if do not have a degree. The animals you love, love you back, but each is his/her own way. I did not have a pet growing up. I now feel blessed with seven cats and three dogs. Pax, Tilla’s father, died a few years ago: we kept two of  his kids. Sweetie our dog rescue is their Mom and  Sweetie, still defers to her two pups, Coco and Tilla, even though it has been a long time since she gave birth to them. I just love petting all my animals and treating each one individually, for each animal has their own personality and I have to respect that.  They are gifts to me.  It is all serendipity!