You can’t have a true education without following your heart.  It does not matter how you do it:  reading, fixing things whatever it is.  Your heart vibrates when you listen to that tiny voice.  Sure there are things in life you have to do even if you do not like the task but there has to be things you love doing.  Otherwise you wither inside, die a little each day.  So find what that little voice is asking you to do.  You can change the world by doing the things only you can do.  Each person is unique and has things only they can do.  And of course there will be resistance.  You have to work through that.  Only you know what is stirring in your heart.  The world will be a better place after you leave it.  Explore the portion that is yours to mine.  So answer your calling.

WELCOME! I hope you will enjoy reading my blurbs.

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